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Our Mission to support the development of web 3.0 through ethical and sustainable investing

Coin Manufacturing

Powerful & Sustainable
Data Hosting solutions

Experienced & Professional

Our business has grown from one room containing several individual computer servers to encompass multiple different servers hosted in dedicated server rooms all powered using a high percentage of zero carbon energy sources and with humidity and temperature controls guaranteed across several locations.

Furthermore thanks to our direct investments into renewable energy projects we are able to offer highly competitive rates despite the inherently high energy demands of web 3 data servers.

Wind Mills


Building towards a future vision of carbon neutral blockchain investing


As a company we are committed to continuing to offset a percentage of our data servers energy usage through our investments into renewable energy generation projects to provide power for all of our physical data servers on a net-zero basis.

This is not only an ethical commitment but also supports our commitment to shareholders to maximise our future profitability through access to an increasing percentage of ultra low cost renewable energy sources.

*note at time of writing we use a mix of solar and wind power to partially offset the energy use requirements of our data centres with a commitment to continue to always spend a % of all new investments on renewable energy sources.
We are committed to publishing our annual energy mix with a plan to achieve carbon neutral operations across our whole business by 2025 - watch this space for publication of our energy usage in Q1/2 of 2023.

Scattered Coins


Expanding into Nun-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) and other Decentralised Finance (DeFi) yield making opportunities

As part of the company's expansion plans we intend to diversify our investments in blockchain technology to achieve limited exposure to a carefully curated selection of Non-Fungible Tokens primarily granting either exclusive access to yield-generating investments, gaming or entertainment services as well as distinctive and highly sought-after digital artwork stored securely and with unique and owner-exclusive identifiers on the blockchain.

The company website will be updated to include links to NFT projects we have invested in all of which in some way demonstrate real world practical applications in addition to any perceived artistic value.

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