Making Your Money Really Work For You - Our Mission to Create a Sustainable Cryptocurrency Mining Business

Coin Manufacturing


Experienced & Professional

This is our primary service currently in development through which we are aspiring to be able to enable individual investors to own a share in our cryptocurrency mining business starting with a very modest entry price from as little as £900 per share.

This service is ideal if like us you want to maximise the return on your investments without the stress of constantly watching the markets to try to time buying low and selling high (it can't be done - trust me like most we've tried!) and effectively provides both a steady income stream in the form of a share of the companies mined cryptocurrency coins* produced on the perfect dollar-cost-average (DCA) basis year round effectively at nil cost barring electricity while also allowing you to utilise your new mined crypto to either withdraw immediately as a regular fiat (£ sterling) secondary income stream and/or invest and start building a crypto portfolio in any coin of your choosing.

At present the company does not offer access to individual virtual wallets for shareholders although you may opt to pool your investment income along with other company shareholders into the main company treasury.   For further details regarding this please use the 'Contact Us' form and we will be pleased to provide you with further details of both our current and evolving future investment strategy. 

*at the time of writing the company directly mines a mix of Litecoin and Dogecoin which is paid out as Litecoin (LTC) as well as Kadena (KDA), and we are working to develop a product offering including direct payment in either Litecoin or Kadena (with no additional crypto conversion or wallet withdrawl fees charged for these currencies).  

Investors may alternatively choose to be paid in any other of their preferred cryptocurrency provided this is available through Coinbase Commerce or CoinMetro (our merchant exchange providers).  Any additional fees incurred by the company in converting to your chosen cryptocurrency and/or onward transmission will be deducted from your investment income.

Investors should note that in addition to any other stated fees there will also be an additional 2.5% service & hosting charge for facilitating this service.  
Note that this fee will be reduced to 0.5% for all investors choosing to offset their mining investment with a matched investment into our approved renewable energy partner(s).  See below for further details regarding this option.

Wind Mills


Access and help to grow our Carbon Neutral Investment Opportunities to help us meet our stated future aim of net zero cryptocurrency mining

We offer investors the option to offset either a percentage or all of their personal cryptocurrency mining energy usage through investing a percentage of their funds directly into renewable energy generation projects that will be used to power our cryptocurrency mining operations.

Our prices for this service star from only a very minimal additional £250* investment amount to offset the minimum £900 per share investment and reflects the approximately 30%* zero sum electricity operating costs required to sustain a profitable cryptocurrency mining operation using renewable energy sources (all prices correct at time of writing Sept 2022).

*note at time of writing we use a mix of solar and wind power to partially offset the energy use requirements of our cryptocurrency mining operations with a commitment to continue to always spend a % of all new investments on renewable energy sources.
We are committed to publishing our annual energy mix - watch this space for publication of our energy usage in Q1/2 of 2023.

Scattered Coins


Expanding into Nun-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) and other Decentralised Finance (DeFi) yield making opportunities

As part of the company's expansion plans we intend to offer limited exposure to a carefully curated selection of Non-Fungible Tokens primarily granting either exclusive access to gaming or entertainment services as well as distinctive and highly sought-after digital artwork stored securely and with unique and owner-exclusive identifiers on the blockchain.

The company website will soon include an NFT gallery of our existing digital artwork all of which is currently generating an increasing yield in KDA (kadena crypto currency coins) through linked cloud computing services, demonstrating real world practical applications in addition to any perceived artistic value.