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Aspiring to be 100% carbon neutral

Aspiring to operate our computer data servers using 100% renewable energy

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Service Description

As a company we believe it is important to aspire to achieve a 100% sustainable business and therefore reinvest a percentage of all profits directly into renewable energy generation projects that will be used to continuously increase the % of zero carbon power available to power our cryptocurrency mining operations. This also supports enhanced returns for shareholders as energy costs are the primary operating cost for our business and as such we are continuously exploring opportunities to invest in new renewable projects as well as alternative remote hosting options to reduce our operating costs without compromising our ethical principles to offer an eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining service (any hosted partnerships must commit to the use of primarily renewable energy sources with a fixed timescale to be 100% sustainable by 2025). As a business we currently benefit from a mix of solar and wind power to partially offset the energy use requirements of our cryptocurrency mining operations with a commitment to continue to always spend a % of all new investments on renewable energy sources. We are committed to publishing our annual energy mix - watch this space for publication of our energy quarterly energy usage mix from Q1 2023.

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